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An Interview with Shigeko Sasamori
2014/10/1  14'30
A survivor talks about our progress toward peace.
Trying to Win in Gaza
2014/8/21  9'09
Both the Israelis and the Palestinians are trying to win by violence and fear instead of trying to solve the problem.
Collective Self-defense: a trick to separate taxpayers from their money 2014/7/23 14'28
Collective self-defense is an unnecessary and terribly dangerous step toward the re-militarization of Japan.
Fukushima is here!
2014/6/28  5'57
People in San Francisco are getting more worried about Fukushima.
A Visit to Iwaishima
2014/6/21  12'55
Exploring the situation and prospects of the nuclear power plant in Kaminoseki.
Japan’s Role at the NPT Prepcom
2014/6/2  19'58
Japan’s statements are compared to Mexico, a state that truly does want to eliminate nuclear weapons.
The Third Prep com a failure
2014/5/18  4'53
The third prep com failed to produce consensus recommendations, and the attitude of the nuclear weapon states became even more clear.
Interim Report on the NPT Prep Com
2014/5/10  6'25
Three exciting developments emerged at this year’s prep com.
The Marshall Islands Sue the Nuclear Powers
2014/4/28  3'32
On Thursday, April 24 it was announced that the Marshall Islands has sued all the nations that possess nuclear weapons for failure to fulfill their disarmament obligations under the NPT.
A report on the NPDI meeting in Hiroshima
2014/4/19  4'24
The big conflict throughout the conference was over the treaty to ban nuclear weapons. gotopdf
2014/4/11  6'25
On April 11 and 12, the 8th NPDI (Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Initiative) Ministerial Meeting in Hiroshima.
The start of a new phase for Peace News Japan
2014/3/14  3'10
Steve introduces the book PNJ has produced and promises that this book heralds a new level of nuclear and peace-related journalism.
Communication in a Sustainable Community
2013/12/31  11'39
A communication specialist is working to help an intentional community improve its communication.
Right to peace deliberations at the UN
2013/11/10  5'54
The right to peace is understood as the right of every individual to live in peace. An effort now underway seeks to make this an international human right officially declared by the UN.
The Osaka Temple Talk
2013/11/10  5'54
A brief explanation of the talk segments now going up on the Japanese side of this website.
Conflicts of Interest in the Media
2013/10/26  5'19
Most of what you get from television is not information, it is propaganda. gotopdf
Shutdown by the rich hurts the poor
2013/10/08  5'51
The US government shutdown is an example of the war culture putting winning ahead of solving the problem. We need to elect peace culture leaders who work to solve problems not to win.
Japan at the High Level Meeting
2013/9/29  20'10
A comparison of statements by leaders of the new movement, nuclear weapon states, and Japan. gotopdf
The War Culture Insults the Peace Culture
2013/9/26  5'15
The US will conduct a nuclear missile test on September 26, the day of the high-level meeting on nuclear disarmament.
The Open-Ended Working Group on Disarmament
2013/9/11  7'00
The OEWG was more important than it would appear from the final report.
Why war with Syria?
2013/9/02  7'01
One reason to attack Syria is because the US is addicted to war. gotopdf
US News about Fukushima
2013/8/29  3'51
What is going on in Fukushima?  What are they saying in Japan?
Changing Banks for Peace
2013/8/26  4'25
Why Steve and his wife switched from Wells Fargo to Capitol City bank. gotopdf
2013/8/22  6'27
What does CIA admit after 60years ?
What can we learn from this lesseon ?
The interview with Lawyer Dave Leeper
2013/8/05  28'35
The idea and tools of conflict resolution are critical to any hope of peace.
About the Recent Conflict Resolution Interviews
2013/8/03  7'15
The introduction of two interviews -
Why do we need to learn how to resolve conflict ?
The interview with Senator Mark Miller
2013/7/29  15'20
The process of resolving conflict.You can learn something from his answer. gotopdf
A nuclear weapons treaty by states with no nuclear weapons   2013/7/26  6'08
Why this treaty is so important ?
You can find some important reasons. You can join now.
The ICAN Campaign
2013/7/23  3'05
It is the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. You can join now. 
The Great New Movement to Ban Nuclear Weapons    2013/7/22  4'38
A review of the new movement.
"Catastrophic Humanitarian Consequence"